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The App Management Admin Portal is your organization's control center for managing the entire app management platform. For a list of basic workflow tasks and links to more information, see App Management Workflow.

A navigation bar at the top of the Admin Portal window provides access to the main administration functions. Which functions you see depend on your user role. If you don’t have permission to manage users, for example, you will not see the Users option. 

The Admin Portal user interface is supported in English, Spanish, French, and German. It defaults to the language set for your browser, but you can select the display language that you want on the Admin Portal Login page. 

If you think you should have access to functions of the Admin Portal that you do not, contact your App Management Administrator to request that the role assigned to your account be changed.

Admin Portal Navigation Bar

The following table describes the function of each page of the Admin Portal navigation bar.







PoliciesUse this page to manage the default application policy settings for your account. Application policies allow you to add multiple layers of protection to any app that needs more security.  For more information, see Managing Application Policies.


Use this page to run reports that track details about user access to the applications in your App Catalog. You can track application downloads and logins, and display users' device details. For more information, see Running Reports.


Use this page to modify your company's App Management account information, edit the invitation Message that is sent to your new users, and specify the type of authentication used when users log on to the App Catalog. For more information, see Managing Settings.

My Account

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Accessing the Admin Portal

If you have an App Management user account, you can log in to the Admin Portal. For instructions, see Log in to the Admin Portal

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