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To use the Windows App Catalog, you must obtain the app itself from Apperian and add it in the Admin Portal. 

  1. Contact Customer Support to request the application files for the Windows App Catalog.
  2. On the Applications page, click Add Application.
  3. Follow the instructions for adding a Windows app as described in Add an Application.
  4. Notify your users that the App Catalog is available.

 Branding Windows App Catalogs

Contact Customer Support if you want to customize the branding for your Windows App Catalogs.

The following table lists specifications for image assets used in the Windows App Catalog.


File Names


Application icon displayed on the application tile (both small and medium sizes), the Apps view page, and the desktop Title bar and Taskbar.

In the example above, the icon in the Apps list is organized under a category name "Apperian," but the category name will be customized for your organization during the branding process.

Launch image

Image that appears when the App Catalog is loading.