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Native App Catalogs allow you to easily distribute mobile apps to your users. But before you can get started using them, you need to add one or more to your organization. This page describes how to add iOS and Android App Catalogs. Windows App Catalogs follow a different process, which you can learn about in Add a Windows App Catalog.

You can use your organization's web App Catalog to provide a solution for users who do not have supported mobile devices.

Add a Native App Catalog

This process is the same for both iOS and Android App Catalogs.

  1. On the Applications page, click Add iOS Catalog or Add Android Catalog.
  2. On the confirmation dialog, click Add iOS Catalog or Add Android Catalog. After a few seconds, a new icon appears in the App Catalogs section.
  3. Continue to Next Steps.

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Update a Native App Catalog

When a new version is available to you, the Update iOS Catalog or Update Android Catalog buttons appear at the top of the Applications page (and also on the App Catalog's Details page). Click one, and the process is exactly the same as steps 2 - 3 in the previous section.

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Next Steps

After you've added or updated a native App Catalog, do the following:

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