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With mobile technology and social networking, users are more accustomed than ever to submitting feedback about the applications they use, web sites they visit, and products and services they purchase. In addition to voicing their own opinions, users like to read what others have to say. It is a continuous cycle of feedback aimed at improving product quality and the user experience. App Management leverages this cycle of feedback to let App Catalog users Like or Dislike apps. Users can also review apps and browse reviews from other users. See The User Experience for an overview of the feature for App Catalog users. App Management administrators can view an app's collective rating (total number of Likes/Dislikes), and browse and delete user reviews. See The Admin Experience for an overview of administrator tasks.

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Enabling/Disabling the Reviews Feature for Specific Applications

When you add or edit an application in App Management, you can choose to enable/disable the Reviews feature for that application. When the Reviews feature is enabled for an application, your iOS, Android, and Windows App Catalog users have the option to Like/Dislike (rate) the app, review the app, and browse reviews written by other catalog users. When the Reviews feature is disabled for an application, the Like/Dislike buttons are hidden and the Reviews tab is inactive.

Whether the Reviews option is checked by default depends on how the Application Reviews setting is configured on the Settings page. Regardless of that setting, you can always choose to enable/disable Reviews when adding or editing a specific app. For more information on the default setting, see Change the Application Reviews Default Setting.

The User Experience

This section describes the user experience for rating and reviewing applications in native iOS, Android, and Windows App Catalogs.

Note that users working with a web App Catalog can rate and review applications, but the user experience is different than what is described below: rather than Like/Dislike an app, users can rate an app with 1 to 5 stars. Also, the Reviews feature cannot be enabled/disabled at the application level in the web App Catalog. If you want to disable the Reviews feature for specific applications in the App Catalog, you should distribute native App Catalogs only to your users.

Like/Dislike Rating System

From the App Catalog, a user can:

  • Like/Dislike an app and write a review of the app.
  • View the total count of Likes/Dislikes given to the app.
  • Read reviews submitted by other users.

At any time, a user can change his/her rating and review of an app; App Management stores the user's latest rating/review only.

When users view details about an app in the App Catalog, the text from a review is highlighted at the top of the page. If the app has not yet been reviewed, the text "Be the first to review this app" appears. You may want to log in as an App Catalog user to enter the first review for the app. This will display something more informative in that space, and might also encourage users to enter their own reviews.

The Admin Experience

From the Admin Portal, an administrator can:

  • View the total number of Likes and Dislikes, plus a bar representing the percentage of total votes that are Likes and Dislikes. If a user rated an app with the 5-star rating system in a web App Catalog, each rating of 4 or 5 stars is translated to a Like and each rating of 3 or less stars is translated to a Dislike.
  • Browse user reviews and delete reviews so they are no longer visible to App Catalog users.

For instructions, see Manage App Ratings and Reviews.

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