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This page describes the App Usage policy.

Policy Description

The App Usage Policy helps you monitor the adoption and popularity of your enterprise apps. When this policy is applied to an app, App Management tracks each time a user opens the app, brings the app from the background to the foreground, or returns to the app from the lock screen.

Usage is counted only once per minute for a particular device. That is, if a user launches or reopens an app multiple times within a minute on the same device, it counts as one use only. If multiple users (on different devices) launch or reopen the same app within a minute, it counts once for each user/device.

You can view app usage information two ways:

  • On the Analytics page: On the Analytics page of an app with this policy applied, App Management displays the Launch Rate of the app. Launch Rate is the percentage of assigned users (users in groups with access to the app) who opened the current version of the app at least once. In the following example, there are 61 users assigned to the current version of the app. Of those users, 3.3% (2 users) have launched the app.

    For instructions on using the Analytics tab, see View Application Analytics.

  • App Usage report: The App Usage report lists the usage information tracked for all apps with the App Usage policy applied. For more information, see  Running Reports.

For more information on viewing usage information, see Track Application Usage.

The User Experience

This policy does not impact the App Catalog user's experience.