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“If you build it, he will come” may be true in the movies, but not always in the enterprise. The goal of any IT or enterprise mobility manager is to not only develop useful mobile apps, but to drive the highest possible adoption rate of those apps. Apperian EASE provides several tools for monitoring app adoption and popularity of your native apps so you can better determine where more promotion and education is needed, as well as identify when an app may require further testing or design enhancements.

There are two main app analytic tools:

Analytics Tab

For native apps, you can view the Analytics tab on the app's details page to display the total number of:

  • Assigned Users (number of users in groups assigned to the app).
  • User Downloads (number of unique users who have downloaded the current version of the app).
  • Download Rate (percentage of unique users who downloaded the current version of the app).
  • Launch Rate (percentage of assigned users who opened the current version of the app at least once).

The tab also displays a graph that plots the number of downloads by unique users per day or month (depending on the range of data). This graph displays data for all versions of the app.

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