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Before you publish a native application to the App Catalog, you may want to distribute it to specific reviewers to ensure that the app meets quality and security standards. With the Application Approval Process feature, you can send an app on one or both of the following workflows:

  • QA Testing
  • Security Review

During a workflow, members of the group assigned to review the app can access it in the App Catalog even though it is not yet enabled. You pre-assign the groups that will review apps during each type of workflow within your organization, so when it comes time to start a workflow, it is a one-click process; you simply change the app's workflow status from "Not Started" to "In Progress" and EASE automatically makes the app available to the workflow group.

Based on review feedback, you or another EASE administrator can change the workflow status to Pass or Fail. If an application fails a workflow, you can upload a new version of the app after it has been updated to fix the issues identified during the workflow. You can then start that version on a new workflow. Once an app passes all workflows, you can publish it to the App Catalog for your end users.

For an overview of a typical approval process, see the section below.

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