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An application Inspection Report presents data that you can use to evaluate an app against a set of Mobile App Risk Management criteria. The report presents a total Risk Score along with detailed analysis data that helps you interpret the score within the context of your enterprise's priorities. For instructions on requesting an inspection, see Inspect an Application.

Inspecting applications is a premium feature that is disabled by default in App Management organizations; if you are interested in enabling it, contact Customer Support.

On This Page

Kryptowire Inspection Report App Management uses Kryptowire to generate inspection reports. The following table describes the sections displayed in a Kryptowire report on the Inspection tab.

Risk Score

The Risk Score is a measure of the total risk of an app. Read this score for a quantitative summary of the risky and privacy app behaviors found in the app.

The Risk Score can range from 0 to 100; the higher the number, the greater the risk.


Automated Analysis Results

This section provides a high-level list that identifies whether any malware is detected and also lists many app behaviors and risk factors. No indicates no evidence of the behavior. Yes indicates that the behavior is present.

The list identifies, for example, whether the app:

  • Links with social networks
  • Accesses the Internet
  • Can write to external storage
  • Has in-app purchases
  • Uses an Ad network
Permissions Requested

(Android only) This section lists all the permissions that the Android application requests during installation.

Extra Permissions

(Android only) This section lists permissions that are requested by the application but are not needed based on the code that is contained within the app. Extra permissions create an unnecessary attack surface by giving the app more functionality than it needs.

Libraries Used

(Android only) This section lists any third-party libraries that are used by the application and listed in its manifest.

Phone Features Used(Android only) This section lists phone features, such as GPS or camera, that the application's manifest declares as being used.
Libraries Used(iOS only) This section lists any system libraries used by the application.
System Frameworks Used(iOS only) This section describes any system frameworks used by the application.

Example Kryptowire Reports

This follow report shows an Android app that is a very high threat risk with a Risk Score of 100. Some of the risk factors include the detection of malware and the use of an Ad network.

The following report shows an iOS app that poses minimal risk with a Risk Score of 3. 

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