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You can apply policies to iOS and Android apps in your App Management organization. For an overview of the policies feature, see About Policies. For instructions on applying policies to apps, see Apply Policies to an App

Policies and Unregistered or Disabled Users

Unregistered Users: You may want to apply policies to an app that will be distributed to users who are not registered with App Management and do not need the App Catalog on their device. This includes users who install an app through a Direct Install link, a custom-built catalog, or another external system. Not all policies are supported with unregistered users. For more information, see Manage Policy Settings.

Disabled Users: If a user installs an app with policies applied, and that user is later disabled or deleted, App Management will block the user from running the app. 

Policies and Hybrid Apps

While policies are supported with native iOS and Android apps only, the hybrid apps feature provides a way to also apply policies to web apps. A hybrid app delivers a web app as part of a native iOS or Android app. Therefore, like any other iOS or Android app, you can apply policies to it. For more information, see Hybrid Applications (Delivering a Web App as a Native App). App Management Policies

Click on a policy name in the table below for more information, including configurable options and a description of the mobile user's experience when the policy is enabled. For more information about dynamic vs static policies, see About Policies.

Policy NameDynamic/StaticWorks with Unregistered Users
App UsageDynamicYes
Collect Crash ReportsDynamicYes
Enterprise SSODynamic

N/A - Authenticating the user is the purpose of the policy.

Self Updating AppDynamicYes
Data WipeDynamicNo
Runtime Integrity CheckDynamicNo
Data Protection Enforcement (iOS apps only)DynamicNo
Jailbreak/Root ProtectionDynamicYes
App ExpirationDynamicYes
Open Web PageDynamicNo
Apple On-Demand VPN (iOS apps only)DynamicNo
App Password (iOS apps only)StaticNo
Check Location Services (iOS apps only) DynamicNo
Terms and ConditionsDynamicNo
Blue Cedar ProfileStaticYes