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Arxan partners with Blue Cedar to provide a no-code way for users to embed Blue Cedar mobile app security and controls (called security profiles by Blue Cedar) into apps managed by Apperian.


You'll need to do the following before you can apply Blue Cedar security profiles as policies within Apperian:

  • Obtain Blue Cedar account credentials (username and password).
  • Create Blue Cedar security profiles in the Blue Cedar Platform. For more information about working with security profiles, see the Blue Cedar documentation.

Integrate with Blue Cedar

In order to access your Blue Cedar security profiles in Apperian, you must first enter your Blue Cedar account credentials on the Settings > Third-Party Integrations page. For more information, see Manage Third-Party Integrations.

Apply Blue Cedar Security Profiles

After saving your credentials, you'll notice that a new policy called Blue Cedar Profile becomes available on both the Policies page and an individual app's Policies tab. This policy allows you to choose from a list of security profiles that you've created in the Blue Cedar Platform.

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