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By default, the Reviews feature is enabled for all applications in the App Catalog, but you can disable it for a specific app when you add or edit the app. If you want Reviews to be disabled by default when you add a new application to Apperian, follow the procedure below to modify the Application Reviews setting on the Settings page. This setting controls the default only; you can always choose to enable/disable Reviews when adding or editing a specific app. 

 Click here to view the Reviews setting on the Edit an Application page...

When the Reviews feature is enabled for an application in your Apperian organization, your App Catalog users have the option to Like/Dislike (rate) the app, review the app, and browse reviews written by other catalog users. When the Reviews feature is disabled for an application, the Like/Dislike buttons are hidden and the Reviews tab is grayed out.

For more information on the Application Reviews feature, including an overview of both the App Catalog users' and Apperian administrators' experience, see App Ratings and Reviews

To change the Application Reviews default setting
  1. On the Admin Portal navigation bar, click Settings.
  2. Click Application Reviews.
  3. Select or clear the Enable Application Reviews by default check box to enable/disable the Reviews feature by default for any application that you add to Apperian. 
  4. Click Save to save your changes.

The Application Reviews setting controls an application's default Reviews setting only. Any app added to Apperian will have the Reviews setting you save when you add the app, and that setting will not be impacted by any subsequent changes to the Application Reviews default setting on the Settings page.

The ability to enable/disable Reviews at the app level is a feature that was released on March 9, 2016. Apps that were added before March 9, 2016 will inherit the Application Reviews default setting, and if you change the default Application Reviews setting, it will also change the Review setting for those apps. Once you edit one of those apps, however, it will then have its own Reviews setting and will no longer be impacted by changes to the Application Reviews default setting. For instructions on editing an app, see Edit or Update an Application.

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