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This page describes the Collect Crash Reports policy.

Policy Description

The Collect Crash Reports policy helps you assess the quality of an iOS or Android application through its crash reports. Crash reports are created and stored on a device whenever the app crashes. The report describes the conditions under which the app terminated, and is useful for debugging issues in the application.

When an app crashes with the Collect Crash Reports policy applied, App Management collects the crash report from the device. (With Android, this occurs at the time of the crash; with iOS, it happens the next time the app is opened.) App Management lists all the reports it has collected for an app on the Crash Reports tab of the app’s details page. From that list, you can view reports and export reports to send to developers for further analysis.

The User Experience

This policy does not impact the App Catalog user's experience. If an app crashes, the user is not notified that a crash report was captured.