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From the Settings page, you can edit the following email templates to customize the messages sent through App Management:

  • User Invitation: When you add a new user to the system and provide an email address for the user, you can request that the system automatically send an invitation message with instructions for activating the user account and running the App Catalog. You can also choose to resend an invitation to a user from the User details page. For instructions on customizing this message, see Edit the User Invitation.
  • Affiliated Organization Administrator Invitation: When you add an affiliated organization, App Management creates a user with the "Administrator" role for the organization and emails an invitation message to that administrator. The invitation message includes instructions for setting the administrator's password and logging in to the Admin Portal. For instructions on customizing this message, see Edit the Affiliated Organization Administrator's Invitation Message.
  • Application Update Compliance Notification: When you make an application update mandatory, you can enable a grace period to enforce that users install the update within a defined number of days after the mandatory date. To warn users of pending mandatory updates that could result in loss of access to the App Catalog and the app, App Management sends a notification message. You can edit the message template to incorporate corporate-specific information. For instructions on customizing this message, see Edit the Application Update Compliance Notification.

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