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You can use the Settings - Catalog Branding page to customize a number of user interface (UI) components within your web and native App Catalogs, which allows you to integrate corporate branding and enhance your users' overall experience. 

The Catalog Branding page is divided into sections for each type of component (General Configuration, Icon, Logo, Launch Image, Background, and Colors). There is also a sticky navigation bar with links to each section and buttons that allow you to publish or revert your changes.

You can click the eye icon beside some components (such as those in General Configuration or Colors) to view examples of the specific UI elements that will change based on your modifications.

You can also click on any image to view at its full size.

You can return all options to their default settings by clicking Revert to Default in the navigation bar, but take care in doing so because this will undo ALL of your modifications.

Image Format

In the sections that allow them, the images must be in PNG format with a resolution of at least 72 DPI.

The one exception to this rule is for the Android Launch Image, which accepts a nine-patch image (.9.png). If you don't upload a nine-patch image specifically, the page will automatically convert the provided PNG into a nine-patch image.

Image Variants

Each image component consists of one primary image and a number of variants, which reflect how the image is used in specific areas throughout your app, or on different devices. Primary images are automatically resized when you upload them to populate the variants of that specific component.

You can optionally view all variants for a component and override the automatically generated images for each one, but you shouldn't need to.

Publish Branding Changes

The changes you make on this page affect both your web and native App Catalogs, and in fact the native App Catalog itself includes many web components. Web components can be published and updated immediately, but changes to native components require that you update and re-sign your App Catalogs.

When you click Publish, the page will inform you of any changes that require you to update the native App Catalogs, and the Update iOS Catalog and Update Android Catalog buttons will appear on the Applications page. If you have not yet added a catalog to your organization, these buttons will say Add instead of Update.

To publish branding changes
  1. Make changes on the page.
  2. Click Publish in the navigation bar.
  3. If the change requires an update to the native App Catalog, follow the procedure described in Add or Update an App Catalog.