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This page describes the Data Wipe policy.

Policy Description

The Data Wipe policy enables an administrator to delete all user data from an app on a selected device.

By applying this policy to an app, you can rest assured that when a device is misplaced or stolen, or in the hands of a user no longer with your organization, you can easily and remotely remove proprietary data from the device.

When App Management deletes app data from a device, it quits the app (which clears any in-memory data associated with the app) and permanently deletes the following data from local storage on disk. App Management does not delete app data from external storage, such as an SD card.

Data Deleted from an iOS DeviceData Deleted from an Android Device
  • Preferences stored in the user defaults system
  • Keychain items associated with the app
  • HTTP cookies associated with the app
  • Contents of the Documents folder for the app
  • The Cache folder for the app
  • Contents of the application's directory
  • Shared preferences associated with the app
  • Databases created for the app
  • The Cache folder for the app App Management does not delete Native Development Kit (NDK) linkage files. Note that most users are not aware of these files.

The User Experience

When an administrator marks app data to be cleared from a user's device, App Management will delete the data the next time it evaluates policies for the app. App Management evaluates policies when a user:

  • Opens an app
  • Brings an app from the background to the foreground
  • Returns to an app from the lock screen

When App Management deletes the application data from the device, it displays the following message and quits the app.

The user can reopen the app and continue to use it, but will no longer have access to any previously saved data.