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Disabling a user temporarily prohibits the user from accessing the App Catalog or the Admin Portal. If a disabled user tries to log in, the user will see a message that advises the user to contact the administrator. To grant access to the user again in the future, you can use the Enable function.

To permanently delete a user, use the Delete function. For more information, see Delete a User.  

When you disable a user, the user is blocked from running apps with any of App Management's policies applied. See Available Policies for a complete list.

To disable or enable a user
  1. On the Admin Portal navigation bar, click Users.
  2. Navigate to the row for the user you want to enable/disable. Use the Search field to quickly find a specific user. You can search the First Name, Last Name, Phone, User ID, Email, and Custom Metadata fields. Refer to the table below for search guidelines: 

    To search this column...Enter...
    First Name

    A case-insensitive string to return a list of users with the specified text string anywhere in their name or phone number. For example, if you type the string Dav into the search field, the list returned will include all users who have the letters Dav (upper or lowercase) anywhere in their first or last name.


    Search First Name or Last Name columns separately; you cannot search for a full name.

    Last Name
    User IDA case-insensitive, full user ID or email. You cannot search for a partial string in these fields because the data is encrypted in the database. The search returns exact matches only.

    Custom Metadata


    field_name is case-sensitive and must be the full name of the custom metadata field, not the labelstring is not case-sensitive. If you leave string blank, no results are returned.

    For example: To search the department field for users in the NortheastSales and WorldwideSales departments, enter departments:sales.


  3. In the Actions column for the user, click the Disable or Enable link. Depending on the current status of the user, the appropriate link is displayed. You can view additional details about the status of the user by clicking View to display the user details page. For more information, see View User Details.
  4. Click OK to confirm that you want to disable or enable the user.

    The page highlights the row of a disabled user in red.

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