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You can disable an app so that it and any of its associated media files do not display in the App Catalog for any users. Some reasons you may wish to disable an app include:

  • An app update is pending and you do not want users to install the current version.
  • You plan to apply policies to the app and then upload a version of the app after it has been signed.
  • An app inspection is pending.
  • An app inspection identified potential risks and vulnerabilities that must be fixed or mitigated before the app can be made available to users.
On This Page

You can disable an app when adding it to App Management, or you can disable it after it has already been added, as described below.

The Applications page identifies a disabled app with a yellow status tag. 

When you apply policies to an app, App Management automatically disables the app. You must sign the app and upload the signed version to App Management before you can enable it. For more information, see Apply Policies to an App.

Disabled App Behavior

Note the following behavior of a disabled app:

  • A disabled app does not appear anywhere in the App Catalog. This includes all pages and search results.
  • When an app with policies applied is disabled, users won't be able to open the app on their device. For apps without policies, the disabled status of the app has no impact and users can still run the app.
  • If the app is marked as Mandatory, App Catalog users are not required to install it. If you enable the app in the future, users will be required to install it the next time they try to log in to the App Catalog.
  • If the app is updated, users will not see the app listed on the Updates page. 
  • If policies were applied to the app and the status of the app is "Pending Signing," you cannot enable the app until a signed version of the app with policies has been uploaded to App Management.
  • If Push Notification is enabled for the app and the app is updated, users will not be notified of the update. If you enable the app in the future, the notifications will automatically be pushed to users.
  • If the app is an App Catalog, disabling it has no impact. Users can still download and install the App Catalog, or log in to the App Catalog if it is already installed.

Think of a disabled app the same way you would a deleted app; the only difference is that a disabled app can be re-enabled. To permanently disable an app, you must delete it from App Management. For more information, see Delete an Application.

Disable or Enable an App

To disable or enable an app
  1. On the Admin Portal navigation bar, click Applications. Use the Search box to search for a specific app.
  2. Click the Edit link for the app you wish to disable/enable.
  3. Expand the Application field.
  4. Clear or select the Enabled check box to disable/enable the app.
  5. Click OK to save your change.

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