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From the Groups page, you can use the Edit function to:

  • Edit the name of the group.
  • Edit the description of the group.
  • Modify membership of the group.
  • Modify which applications are assigned to the group and whether it is the latest version or a specific version.
  • Specify whether an assigned application is mandatory for the group.  

To edit a group:

  1. On the EASE Portal navigation bar, click Groups.
  2. Click the Edit link next to the group name.
  3. Modify information as necessary. For instructions on assigning users and applications, see Add a Group.

    The group name cannot exceed 128 characters and the group description cannot exceed 500 characters. To assign a specific version of an application to a group, click the down arrow in the application row to list all versions of the application.

  4. Click OK to save your changes.

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