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When you add a new user to the system and provide an email address for the user, you can request that the system automatically send an invitation message with instructions for activating the user account and running the App Catalog. You can edit the content of the invitation message to incorporate corporate-specific information. The default message looks like this:

To edit the Invitation message
  1. On the Admin Portal navigation bar, click Settings.
  2. Click Email Templates.
  3. Under User Invitation, click Edit to display the Edit User Invitation dialog box. 
  4. In the Subject field, edit the text that displays as the subject line of the message.
  5. In the Message body field, edit the HTML markup for the message as desired. Be sure to retain both steps in the procedure, along with the provided links.
    Note that the text strings in brackets are substitution strings that will be substituted with the correct values for each email recipient. For example, [%First%] is replaced with the first name of the user and [%AdminUserEmail%] is replaced with the email address of the administrator who sends the invitation. See Substitution Strings for a complete list of substitution strings you can use in your custom message.
    The following block displays the default HTML markup. Depending on when your Apperian account was created, the default HTML markup for your invitation may list an explicit URL rather than use the [%URLForgotPassword%] substitution string. Either way, the user's message will provide the correct URL. Regardless of what is used in your default message, you can use any of the substitution strings listed below.

    <p>Hi [%First%],</p>
    <p>[%AdminUserFirst%] ([%AdminUserEmail%]) has invited you to install the <i><b>EASE</b></i> App Catalog. The catalog lets you download apps made available to you from [%Organization%], get app updates, and provide app feedback.</p>
    <p><b>Information About Your EASE Account:</b></p>
    <p style="margin-left: 42px"><i>User ID:</i> <b>[%UserID%]</b> (You will need to enter this ID when you log in to the catalog.)<p/>
    <p style="margin-left: 42px"><i>Organization Name:</i> <b>[%Organization%]</b></p>
    <p><b>Follow These Steps to Continue:</b></p>
      <li><b>Activate your account. </b>From your mobile device or browser, <a href="[%ConfirmLink%]">click here to verify your email address and set your password.</a></li>
      <li><b>Run the <b><i>EASE</i></b> App Catalog. </b>From your mobile device, <a href="[%URLApperianIPA%]">click here to install and run the <i><b>EASE</b></i> App Catalog</a>.</li>
    <p><b>Save This Information for Later:</b></p>
      <li>To reinstall the App Catalog at a later time, go to:  <a href="[%URLApperianOTA%]">[%URLApperianOTA%]</a></li>
      <li>To reset your password, go to: <a href="[%URLForgotPassword%]">[%URLForgotPassword%]</a></li>


  6. Click OK to save your changes. To revert to the default message, click Revert to Default Message. 

Substitution Strings

The following table lists the substitution strings that you can use in the invitation message.

Substitution StringDescription
[%First%]First name of the user to whom the invitation will be sent.
[%Last%]Last name of the user to whom the invitation will be sent.
[%UserID%]User ID of the user to whom the invitation will be sent. This is the ID that a user uses to log in to Apperian.
[%AdminUserFirst%]First name of the administrator who sends the invitation.
[%AdminUserEmail%]Email address of the administrator who sends the invitation.
[%Organization%]Apperian account name.
[%OrganizationSupportEmail%]The support email address associated with the organization's account. To check what is specified for this email address, go to Settings > Support Email.
[%ConfirmLink%]URL that the user must visit to activate his/her account by verifying an email address.


URL of the App Catalog for the organization's account. Depending on the user's device, the URL points to the appropriate link for a native App Catalog. If there is no native App Catalog available for the type of device, the link points to the web App Catalog.

[%EmailAddress%]Email address of the user. This is the address to which the email will be sent.
[%URLLogin%]URL of the Apperian Login page.


Base URL of the Apperian Documentation Center. This is the documentation website that you are currently viewing.

[%URLForgotPassword%]URL to the page for resetting a forgotten password.
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