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Welcome to Apperian EASE
, the Enterprise App Services Environment. The purpose of this Getting Started guide is to introduce you to some EASE basics. In Steps 1 through 3, you will learn how to perform a few key EASE administration tasks. In Step 4, you will take a look at EASE from the perspective of the end user on a mobile device.

Before You Get Started

If you have not yet registered for EASE, go to to sign up for a free trial. When you sign up, Apperian creates an EASE account for your organization and sends you a "Welcome to Your Apperian Trial Account" email. If you were not the one to register for EASE, then you may have instead received an invitation email welcoming you to EASE.

Before you dive in, review the following terms used throughout this guide:

EASE OrganizationA single account in the EASE database. Every EASE organization has its own collection of users, groups, apps, and account settings. When you registered, you provided a company name that Apperian used to create your EASE organization.
App CatalogAn app that your users run on their mobile devices to find and install their corporate mobile apps. By default, your organization is set up with a web App Catalog that runs in a browser on any type of mobile device. Using the web App Catalog is the fastest way to get started because you do not need to install anything. Later, you can move to a native App Catalog to take advantage of additional features. For more information, see Managing App Catalogs.
EASE PortalAn administrator's control center for managing an enterprise App Catalog. Through the EASE Portal, you can manage the apps in the App Catalog and manage user access to those apps. You can also configure your EASE implementation and run reports for monitoring App Catalog usage within your organization.
EASE AdministratorThe name and email address you provided when you registered is used to create an EASE administrator account. An EASE administrator is a special type of EASE user who can log in to the EASE Portal to manage apps.
Next Step
Once you receive the "Welcome to Your Apperian Trial Account" email (or invitation email), you are ready to get started with Step 1: Activate Your Account and Log in. 
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