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You can edit data directly on the page. This makes it easy to correct issues without uploading a new spreadsheet.

Before you Begin

Before you can import multiple groups, you must first create a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file that includes the groups you wish to add. You can export this list from Active Directory, or you can create it using a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

For instructions and requirements, see Create a CSV File to Import Groups.

  1. On the navigation bar, click Groups.
  2. Click the Import Groups button in the upper right corner to display the Import Groups page.  
  3. In the File section, click Choose File and browse to select the CSV file listing the groups you wish to add. 
    • The file is uploaded and analyzed for errors. This process may take several seconds; remain on the page until the processing is complete. If there are errors in the file, the incorrect rows are highlighted and descriptive messages appear.
  4. If necessary, fix any issues. Either:

    1. Edit the highlighted fields directly in the Preview section.
    2. Edit the CSV file on your computer, then click Choose File to reimport the file.
  5. Click Import to import the groups. This may take several minutes. You will be redirected to the Groups page, which will not yet list all the new groups. If you selected email confirmation, you will receive an email when every group has been added to the system.


The following table describes the warnings you may receive when you attempt to import a groups CSV file. 

Most warnings do not prevent you from importing properly formatted groups. If you upload a CSV file with warnings, the highlighted rows are ignored and those groups are not added.



Invalid CSV file format

This is the only error that prevents you from adding users.

This can occur because:

  • The spreadsheet is missing a required column.
  • The spreadsheet includes a column that is shouldn't be there.
  • A column name is spelled incorrectly.

For a list of column requirements, see Create a CSV File to Import Groups.

This could also a problem with the way it was exported. The previous link has instructions for exporting files from Active Directory. You can try to export the file again, or you can edit it using a spreadsheet application.

Groups highlighted in yellow already exist in the organization and will not be imported.The highlighted group already exists. You don't need to take any action here because the duplicate group will not be imported.
Groups highlighted in blue are duplicate and will not be imported.Two or more groups in the CSV file have the same name. Edit the highlighted cells to remove or change any duplicate names.
There are X items that do not meet the requirements (highlighted in red). These items will not be imported.

The data does not meet formatting requirements as described in Create a CSV File to Import Users.

Specific issues include:

  • Name cannot be blank, and must be fewer than 128 characters.
  • Description cannot be blank, and must be fewer than 500 characters.

Remember, you can edit cells directly in the preview section.