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The following table lists the resources, based on function, that you can interface with through the App Management API. The API Resource column links to documentation for the latest version of each resource. Some resources may have multiple versions available, but all new code that interfaces with App Management APIs should point to the latest version of a resource.

FunctionAPI Resource


Establish a connection between a client application and the App Management server. These resources return a unique authentication token that you can then provide in subsequent API requests. For more details and instructions, see Authentication.

Create API Token

POST /v2/organizations/(org_id)/api_tokens

List API TokensGET /v2/organizations/(org_id)/api_tokens
Delete API TokenDELETE /v2/organizations/api_tokens/(api_token)

Authenticate User for REST API requests, except requests to the Catalog API

POST /v1/users/authenticate

Authenticate User for REST API requests to the Catalog API

POST /v1/catalog/authenticate

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Perform application management functions, such as adding, updating, listing, and deleting applications.

Add an ApplicationPOST /v1/applications/
Create a New Version of an ApplicationPOST /v1/applications/<app_id>
Update an ApplicationPUT /v2/applications/<app_id>
List All ApplicationsGET /v2/applications/
List Data for a Specific ApplicationGET /v2/applications/<app_id>

List All Version Information for an Application

GET /v3/applications/<app_id>/versions/

List App Catalog Data

GET /v2/applications/app_catalogs/

List Applications for a Specific User

GET /v2/applications/user/

List Data for a Specific Version of an ApplicationGET /v1/applications/versions/<version_id>
Update Data for a Specific Version of an ApplicationPUT /v1/applications/versions/<version_id>

List Related Media for an Application

GET /v1/applications/<app_psk>/related_media/

List Download and Usage Count for a Specific Application

GET /v1/applications/<app_psk>/stats

List Screenshots for an ApplicationGET /v1/applications/<app_psk>/screenshots/
Upload Application Screenshot

POST /v1/applications/<app_psk>/screenshots/phone/<slot>

POST /v1/applications/<app_psk>/screenshots/tablet/<slot> 

Delete Application Screenshot

DELETE /v1/applications/<app_psk>/screenshots/phone/<slot>

DELETE /v1/applications/<app_psk>/screenshots/tablet/<slot> 

Upload an Icon for an ApplicationPOST /v1/applications/<app_psk>/icon
Add or Update a Banner Image for an ApplicationPOST /v1/applications/<app_psk>/banner_image
Delete the Banner Image for an ApplicationDELETE /v1/applications/<app_psk>/banner_image

Enable/Disable an Application

PUT /v1/applications/<app_psk>

Specify Custom Metadata for an Application

PUT /v1/applications/<app_psk>

Download Application BinaryGET /v1/downloads/direct/applications/<app_psk>
Delete ApplicationDELETE /v1/applications/<app_psk>
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Add, update, list, and delete users.

Add User (can include custom metadata)

POST /v1/users

List User Details

GET /v1/users/<user_psk>

List Information About the Authenticated UserGET /v1/users/info

Delete User

DELETE /v1/users/<user_psk>

Delete UsersDELETE /v2/users 

Update User (can include custom metadata)

PUT /v1/users/<user_psk>

List Users

GET /v1/users

Specify Custom Metadata for a UserPUT /v1/users/<user_psk>
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Add, update, list, and delete user groups.

Delete Group

DELETE /v1/groups/<group_psk>

Delete Applications from Group

GET /v2/groups/(group_id)/applications/

Remove Users from Group

DELETE /v1/groups/<group_psk>/users

List All Groups

GET /v1/groups

List Applications in Group

GET /v1/groups/<group_psk>/applications

List Users in Group

GET /v1/groups/<group_psk>/users

List Groups in a Specific ApplicationGET /v2/groups/applications/(app_id)

Add Group

POST /v1/groups

Add Applications to Group

POST /v1/groups/<group_psk>/applications

Add Multiple Users to Group

POST /v1/groups/<group_psk>/users

Add One User to Multiple Groups

POST /v1/groups/users/<user_psk>

Update Group

PUT /v1/groups/<group_psk>

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Manage policies for your organization and apply policies to apps.

List All Policies

GET /v2/policies/

List Data for a Policy

GET /v2/policies/(policy_id)/

List Policies Applied to an App

GET /v2/applications/(app_id)/policies/

Apply Policies to an App

POST /v2/applications/(app_id)/policies/

Remove Policies from an App

DELETE /v2/applications/(app_id)/policies/

Create a Preset Policy Configuration

POST /v2/policies/(policy_id)/configurations/

List Data for a Preset Policy Configuration

GET /v2/policies/configurations/(configuration_id)/

Update a Preset Policy Configuration

PUT /v2/policies/configurations/(configuration_id)/

Delete a Preset Policy Configuration

DELETE /v2/policies/configurations/(configuration_id)/

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List all application categories in your organization, and add an application to one or more categories.
List All Categories

GET /v1/categories

Add an Application to CategoriesPUT /v1/applications/<app_psk>/categories
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Request data about a user's devices, or remove the association in App Management between a user and a device.
List Devices for UserGET /v2/devices/users/<user>
List Device-User DetailsGET /v2/devices/<device>/users/<user>
Remove Device from UserDELETE /v1/devices/<device_id>/users/<user_id>
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Downloads and Installs

Download applications from the App Management server to install them on user devices.  
Download the Most Recent Version of an Application FileGET /v1/downloads/direct/applications/<app_id>
Download a Specific Version of an Application FileGET /v1/downloads/direct/versions/<version_id>

Install a Specific Native Application

GET /v1/downloads/install/applications/<app_psk>

Install All Native Applications

GET /v2/downloads/install/applications/all

Install a Specific Version of a Native ApplicationGET/v1/downloads/install/versions/<version_psk>

Install All Mandatory Applications

GET /v2/downloads/mandatory/applications/all

Install All Application Updates

GET /v2/downloads/update/applications/all

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Serve data to an App Catalog running on an end user's device. This API can be used to authenticate a user and register the user's mobile device, list and search for apps, and list categories.

Authenticate User and Register App Catalog

POST /v1/catalog/authenticate

List Applications for the Authenticated User's Device

GET /v2/catalog/applications/

List Data for a Specific Application

GET /v2/catalog/applications/<app_id>

List Apps in Order of Popularity (# of Downloads)

GET /v2/catalog/applications/popular/

List Featured Apps

GET /v2/catalog/applications/featured/

List Application Categories

GET /v1/catalog/categories

List Apps in a Specific Category

GET /v2/catalog/categories/(string: category_id)/applications/

Search Application Data

GET /v2/catalog/search/

List Downloaded Applications

GET /v2/catalog/applications/downloaded/

List Applications with Updates

GET /v2/catalog/applications/updates/

List Mandatory Applications and Apps with Mandatory Updates

GET /v2/catalog/applications/mandatory/

Post List of Installed Applications

POST /v1/catalog/applications/installed

List Installed Applications

GET /v1/catalog/applications/installed

List Data for a Specific Application VersionGET /v2/catalog/applications/versions/(version_id)
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Push Notifications

Use the operating system’s push notification service to send messages to user devices.

Send Application Message

POST /v1/notifications/applications/<app_psk>/message

Send Application Update Notification

POST /v1/notifications/applications/<app_psk>/update

Send Group Message

POST /v1/notifications/groups/<group_psk>/message

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Retrieve raw data about your organization from available feeds; the data is returned in JSON format.
Return a List of Available Data FeedsGET /v1/feeds/
Return Feed InformationGET /v1/feeds/<feed_name>/field_info
Return Feed DataGET /v1/feeds/<feed_name>/
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Run a report for your organization and return the data in a variety of formats.
Return a List of Available Data ReportsGET /v2/reports/
Return Report InformationGET /v2/reports/<report_name>/field_info
Return Report DataGET /v2/reports/<report_name>/
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List all stored signing credentials, add new signing credentials, and sign an app using a set of stored credentials.
Add Signing CredentialsPOST /v1/credentials
List All Signing Credentials

GET /v1/credentials

Sign an Application

PUT /v1/applications/<app_psk>/credentials/<credentials_psk>

Delete Signing CredentialsDELETE /v1/credentials/<credentials_psk>
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Let App Catalog users rate (Like/Dislike) apps, review apps, and browse reviews from other users.

Rate (Like/Dislike) and Review an Application

POST /v1/applications/<app_psk>/likes/

List Rating and Review Data for a Specific Application

GET /v1/applications/<app_psk>/likes/reviews/

List Rating and Review Data for a Specific ApplicationGET /v2/applications/<app_psk>/likes/reviews/

List Likes/Dislikes for a Specific Application

GET /v1/applications/<app_psk>/reviews/analytics/num_likes_for_app/

List Likes/Dislikes for All Applications

GET /v1/applications/reviews/analytics/likes/

Check If Ratings and Reviews is Enabled 

GET /v1/applications/reviews/enabled/

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Return and manage information about all App Management organizations on which the authenticated user can operate.
List OrganizationsGET /v1/organizations/
List Data for a Specific OrganizationGET /v3/organizations/<org_id>/
Update an Organization's AttributesPUT /v3/organizations/<org_id>/
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Extend a user's session timeout period. 
Extend SessionPUT /v1/session/
Return Session InfoGET /v1/session/
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App Inspections

Initiate an application inspection and get an inspection report that was previously generated for an app. An inspection is used to screen an app for risky behavior and vulnerabilities, such as malware, trojans, and intellectual property exposure.

Get Inspection Report for Latest Version of Application

GET /v2/applications/<app_id>/inspections/

Request Inspection Report

POST /v1/applications/<app_psk>/inspections

Cancel Application InspectionPUT /v1/applications/<app_psk>/inspections/cancel
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