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An affiliated organization is an organization created through the Apperian Portal (not the Apperian registration page) by the administrator of another organization—a "parent" organization. You may want to create affiliated organizations if you are an Apperian partner who sells the product and provides support; you can create an affiliated organization for each of your Apperian customers. Or, if you are a large company, you can create affiliated organizations for different business units or subsidiaries.

Once an affiliated organization is created, it is like any organization created through the registration page; it will have its own set of users, groups, App Catalogs, applications, and settings. The only difference is that an affiliated organization can be managed both by its own Apperian administrators and administrators of the parent organization. While an Apperian administrator of a parent organization can manage any of its affiliated organizations, an administrator at an affiliated organization cannot manage its parent organization.

When you create an affiliated organization, you specify the name of the organization and the contact information for the organization's initial administrator. Apperian uses that information to email an invitation to the administrator, prompting the administrator to create a password and log in. For more information, see Add an Affiliated Organization.

You can view a drop-down list of all the organizations affiliated with your organization. From that list, you can switch to the administrator view for an organization to manage it (add users, add applications, and so on). For more information, see Administer an Affiliated Organization.

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