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You can use the My Account page in the Admin Portal (located above the Admin Portal navigation bar, next to your username) to do the following:

  • Modify your account profile
  • Change your password
  • Download your organization's App Catalog

You cannot modify your user ID.

If you have affiliated organizations and one of the child organizations is currently selected, you need to first change to the parent organization before you can manage your user account.

Modify Your Profile

To modify your account profile:
  1. Above the Admin Portal navigation bar, click My Account.
  2. Modify information as necessary.
  3. Click OK to save your changes.

Change Your Password

Use this procedure to change the password you use to log in to the Admin Portal and the App Catalog.

To change the password for your Apperian user account:
  1. Above the Admin Portal navigation bar, click My Account.
  2. In the New Password and Confirm Password fields, enter a new password. It must be at least five characters with no spaces.
  3. Click OK to save the change.

Download the App Catalog

Use this procedure if you need to download the latest App Catalog, or when you need to download the App Catalog to a new mobile device and you did not save the original invitation message.

To download the App Catalog:
  1. Above the top navigation bar, click My Account.
  2. Click Download App Catalog to download the latest App Catalog. 

In most cases, App Management automatically downloads the App Catalog to your device. If App Management can't recognize your device, you are prompted to select which App Catalog to download. Depending on your device, once the App Catalog is downloaded you are either automatically prompted to install it or you need to click on the downloaded app to start the installation.