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This page describes the Open Web Page policy.

Policy Description

The Open Web Page policy opens a browser window to a specified web page after the user opens the app a predefined number of times.

Use this policy, for example, to administer a survey to collect feedback about an app after a user has opened it 10 times. 

Opening an app includes launching the app from the home screen, bringing it from the background to the foreground, or returning to it from the lock screen. Apperian evaluates this policy only once per minute for a particular device. Therefore, if a user launches or reopens an app multiple times within a minute on the same device, it will count as opening the app only once. 

Policy Options

These options can be configured as a preset on the Policies page, or per app on the app's Policies tab.

To configure the Open Web Page policy
  1. Select the number of times the user needs to open the app before a browser window will automatically open to a specified URL.
  2. Enter the URL for the web page that will open. Enter the URL in this form: scheme://domain/path.  The scheme can be http or https.

The User Experience

After the user opens the app the predefined number of times, Apperian automatically opens a browser window to the specified web page. When the user taps the X button, it closes the browser window, and the user can continue working in the app. 

In the following example, after a user has opened the Actions app for the 10th time (not counting multiple launches within a minute), Apperian automatically opens a browser window with a survey to collect feedback on the app.

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