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This guide provides an overview of and basic scenarios for using the Policies API.


This guide assumes that you have familiarity with basic App Management API tasks such as authenticating and retrieving app data. You should also have experience using and managing policies in the Admin Portal. Before using this guide, it would be helpful to review the following topics:

Reference Documentation

You should have the Policies API Documentation available to reference while using this guide.

Using this Guide

This guide covers the following topics:

The scenarios in this guide do not cover every possible workflow, and are not intended as complete tutorials. Rather, they provide common examples that should guide developers when using the Policies API to create their own integrations.


The examples in this guide use cURL, an open-source command line tool, to send HTTPS requests. These examples work on computers running Mac OS, Linux, or Cygwin (a collection of tools for running Linux apps on Windows). If you want to use cURL during your development and testing process, it is available at  

cURL is the easiest way to show correct usage in examples, but we recommend using Postman to interact with the App Management API.