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This guide describes the application programming interface for the Apperian publishing web service. Use the publishing API to add applications to your organization and update existing applications—all without using the Admin Portal.

Apperian offers two APIs for managing apps:

  • The interface described in this guide, which is based on an older API framework.
  • A RESTful API which offers a more modern and efficient experience.

We recommend that all customers use the newer RESTful Applications API to add and manage your apps. For more information, see Applications API.

The API described in this guide will be deprecated later this year.

Using This Guide

This guide includes the following topics:


The examples in this guide use cURL, an open-source command line tool, to send HTTPS requests. These examples work on computers running Mac OS, Linux, or Cygwin (a collection of tools for running Linux apps on Windows). If you want to use cURL during your development and testing process, it is available at  

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