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At the top of the Popular page in the web, iOS, and Android App Catalogs, users can browse a collection of featured apps selected an App Management administrator. This feature provides a great way to promote apps and drive their adoption within your organization.

Featured apps are not supported in the Windows App Catalog.

You should follow this procedure to feature at least one app in each App Catalog. If you do not select any apps to feature, a No Featured Apps message appears in the featured apps section of the catalog.

To select featured apps
  1. On the Admin Portal navigation bar, click Applications to display the list of applications. 
  2. In the App Catalogs section at the top of the page, click the iOS or Android Phone App Catalog icon or catalog name to display the Details page.  
  3. Click the Featured Apps tab to display the Featured Apps Selector.
  4. Drag an app that you want to feature from the Available Apps column to the Featured Apps column. The order of the apps in the Featured Apps column defines the order they will appear in the Featured Apps section of the App Catalog. The first app is featured in the center, the second app is featured to its right, and so on. App Catalog users scroll through featured apps in a circular flow. With the Android catalog, apps automatically scroll every 10 seconds. 
  5. In the Edit Featured Quote box, enter the quote that you want to display under the app's name in the Featured Apps section of the App Catalog and then click Save Quote. Click Cancel if you do not want to display a quote.

At any time, you can move apps in and out of the Featured Apps column. You can also click the pen to edit an application quote. 

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