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Rather than use App Management to invite users to download the App Catalog, an organization may choose to send their own invitations to a group of preregistered users. The procedure includes two main steps.

Add the Users to App Management

You can add multiple users at once by importing a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file that provides the necessary information about the users. For instructions, see Import Multiple Users

Be sure to clear the Send invitation email to each user check box on the Import Users page. Otherwise, App Management will automatically send invitations to all the users that you add.

Send Invitations to the Users

After you add the users, you need to send them email invitations with instructions for activating their accounts and downloading the App Catalog.

To send invitations to your users:

  1. Create the invitation email message in your email client of choice.
    The message must include a link for downloading the App Catalog. You can view this link on the Settings page and copy and paste it into your email. For instructions, see View the App Catalog Download URL. The email must also include the following link to the Reset Password page so users can set their passwords: 
    For an example message, view the default message sent by App Management in Edit the User Invitation.
  2. Send the email to all the users. Your list of email addresses should match the email addresses listed in the Email column of the CSV file.
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