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You can send a push notification message to users who have installed a particular iOS or Android application on their devices. This is a useful way to notify users of changes to an app, or to request a particular action. For example, you may want to remind users to install the latest version of an app or advertise an exciting new feature. All native App Catalog (iOS or Android) users who have installed the app on their devices will receive the notification; users running a web App Catalog won't receive it.

To list all users who have installed the latest version of an app, run the Download Inventory report. In the Search field at the top of the report, enter the app name to filter the list. For more information, see Run an Instant Report.

If you have iOS and Android versions of an application, keep in mind that each version is a separate application. To send a notification to users of the app on both iOS and Android devices, follow the procedure below for each version of the app.

To send a notification message to users of an application
  1. On the Admin Portal navigation bar, click Applications.
  2. Click the application icon or name, or click the Details link next to the application to display the app's Details page.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Send Notification.
  4. In the Message box, enter a message up to 150 characters.

  5. Click Send.

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