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You can send a notification message to members of an App Catalog group. This is a useful way to notify users of changes to an app, or to request a particular action. For example, you may want to recommend that users install an app that was recently enabled in the App Catalog. App Management sends the message as a push notification. All members of the group who have a native App Catalog (iOS or Android) installed on their devices will receive it; members running a web App Catalog won't receive it.

For an overview of this feature that includes an example showing what a notification looks like on both an iOS and Android device, see Sending Notifications to Users.

To send a notification message to a group of users
  1. On the Admin Portal navigation bar, click Groups.
  2. Click the group name or the View link next to the group to display details about the group. 
  3. Click Send Notification.
  4. In the Message box, enter a message up to 150 characters.
  5. Click Send.

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