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When an app has policies applied, Apperian evaluates the policies before allowing the user to use the app. Depending on the policies and the results of the evaluation, the user may be blocked from using the app or the user may need to perform an action before continuing. For example, when a user opens an app with the Self Updating App policy applied, Apperian checks for a new version and prompts the user to install it when one is available. 

Apperian evaluates most application's policies whenever the user opens the app, brings it to the foreground, or returns to it from a locked screen. (With some policies, Apperian does not count multiple launches within a minute. These exceptions are described in the policy descriptions in Available Policies.) Evaluation speed can be influenced by the device's network connection speed. Depending on the types of policies you have applied, you may wish to evaluate policies less frequently to improve the user's experience with the application. To do this, you can configure the Policy Evaluation Frequency setting.The Policy Evaluation Frequency setting determines the evaluation frequency when a user brings an app to the foreground or returns to it from a locked screen. When a user force closes an app and relaunches it, Apperian evaluates policies regardless of the frequency setting. 
The frequency setting applies to Apperian’s base policies only (App Usage, Enterprise SSO, Collect Crash Reports, Self Updating App, Data Wipe, Data Protection Enforcement, Jailbreak/Root Protection, App Expiration, Open Web Page, App Password, and Runtime Integrity Check); it does not apply to any Blue Cedar Networks MAP application policies. Regardless of the frequency setting, MAP policies will be evaluated whenever the app is opened or brought to the foreground. 

 You can change the frequency setting from Always (the default) to:

  • Every hour

  • Every 2 hours
  • Every 6 hours
  • Every 12 hours
  • Once a day 

Because this setting modifies the evaluation frequency for all apps within your organization that have base policies applied to them, be sure to consider the types of policies you are using before you change the setting. 

Always is the frequency the system has been using since before the Policy Evaluation Frequency feature was implemented; if you do not change the default setting, the system will continue to evaluate policies with the same frequency it has been using.

To set the evaluation frequency for policies
  1. On the Admin Portal navigation bar, click Settings.
  2. Click Policy Evaluation Frequency.
  3. From the list, select a frequency.
  4. Click OK.