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Supported Mobile Platforms

  • iOS 12 and higher
  • iPadOS 13 and higher
  • Android 9 and higher

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Apple has announced a more secure code signature format for iOS apps starting in iOS 14.2 beta 2. If you have any apps built prior to macOS 10.14, we recommend that you rebuild them using Xcode running on macOS 10.14 or later. See this Apple Support article for more details. If you are unable to rebuild your apps, you can alternatively use the signing package on macOS 10.14 or later to re-sign the apps.
  • As of iPadOS 13, Safari on iPadOS defaults to Desktop Mode for all websites, which impacts App Management's ability to detect iPads as mobile devices and install the appropriate native catalog.

    • To prevent Safari from requesting the desktop version of the App Catalog download page only, navigate to your organization's download page, click the View menu in the search bar and select Request Mobile Website.

    • To prevent Safari from always requesting desktop websites, go to Settings > Safari > Settings for Websites > Request Desktop Website and uncheck All Websites.

  • Based on our evaluation of Microsoft's official end of support policies, we no longer support Windows Phone 8.x or Windows 10 Mobile as of Q4 2018.
  • App Management does not support a native BlackBerry App Catalog. The Android App Catalog is supported on Blackberry Devices running 10.3 or higher.

    • If you want to deliver Android applications to BlackBerry users via the Android App Catalog, you should be sure to test that those apps work properly on BlackBerry. If an organization does not have a native Android App Catalog, or if a device is running an older version of BlackBerry (< 10.3), App Management will run the web App Catalog.

Supported Browsers for the Admin Portal

The Admin Portal is supported on the latest browser versions in accordance with the following support policies:


Unsupported older version of browsers may have rendering or compatibility issues.