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Policy Description

The Terms and Conditions policy allows you to define a text agreement that users must accept in order to open an app.

You can configure the popup text as a default on the Policies page, or per app on the app's Policies tab.

If you make a change to the Terms and Conditions text at any point after a user has already accepted, the user will be forced to accept the terms again. You will need to reapply policies for the changes to take affect.

If you have multiple apps that use the policy and share the same text, your users will only need to accept the popup in one of the apps. Once a user has accepted the popup one time, it will not appear for any other apps (unless you change the text).

You can view a history of user responses to this policy on the Reports page, via the Terms and Conditions Responses report.

The User Experience

When this policy is applied to an app, a popup appears the first time a user opens the app (and whenever changes are made to the text).

The popup displays your custom text and presents Decline and Accept buttons. If a user taps Decline, the app closes. If a user taps Accept, the app opens.

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