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To use a native App Catalog in your Apperian implementation, you need to obtain one from Apperian and sign it with your organization's signing credentials. For a list of platforms that support native App Catalogs, see Supported Platforms.

You can continue to use your organization's web App Catalog in addition to native App Catalogs to provide a solution for users who do not have supported mobile devices.

To obtain and sign a native App Catalog
  1. Do one of the following:
    1. To use a default, unbranded App Catalog, obtain the App Catalog app files from Apperian and add them to the Admin Portal. For instructions, see Add an App Catalog.
    2. To use a branded App Catalog, provide custom image assets and branding information to Apperian. Apperian will then build your custom App Catalogs and add the App Catalog apps to your Apperian account. For instructions, see Branding App Catalogs
  2. Depending on the App Catalog platform, sign the App Catalog application with your organization's signing credentials: