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You can view the URL for downloading your company's App Catalog to a mobile device so that you can copy it and send it to a user who requests it. If you are sending your own user invitations, you will need to copy this URL into your custom invitation email. For information on sending your own invitations, see Send Your Own User Invitations.

When the user clicks on the URL link in the email, it will download the App Catalog appropriate for the user's device. For example, if the user is on an iPhone, the link will download the native iOS App Catalog. If a native App Catalog for the user's device is not available for your organization, the link will automatically redirect the browser to the HTML5 App Catalog.

The procedure below displays the link for downloading the native App Catalog. To display the URL for your organization's HTML5 App Catalog, go to the Applications page and click the Details link for the App Catalog - HTML5 application. The App Catalog Deep Link field displays the URL.

To view the App Catalog download URL:

  1. On the EASE Portal navigation bar, click Settings.
  2. Click Download App Catalog.
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