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To view a list of all Inspection Reports


  1. On the EASE Portal Apperian Portal navigation bar, click Reports.
  2. On the Reports page, click Inspection Reports to run the Inspection Reports report. EASE displays the The report appears in HTML format. Optionally, you can download the report to a CSV file. For more information on working with a report, see Run a an Instant Report.

    The following table describes the columns in the Inspection Reports report:

    Application NameName of the application as defined in EASEApperian.
    VersionVersion of the application as defined in EASEApperian.
    CreatedDate and time when the Inspection Report was returned by the inspection service provider.
    Report LinkLink to the report in a separate browser window/tab.
    Report ProviderName of the inspection service provider (Kryptowire).


  3. To view the Inspection Report for a particular app, click the link in the Report Link column.