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From the Policies page, you can modify the preconfigured options that appear on the Policies tab for an app (on the app's Details page) before any changes are made to the configuration of policies on that specific app. These presets represent your organization's standard set of security policies.

You and other administrators can alter policy settings, as necessary, when applying policies to a specific app.

For a description of each app policy, including an overview of the mobile user's experience, see Available Policies.


  • If you or another administrator changes the preset settings at a later time, this has no effect on policies that have already been applied to an app.
  • Presets set on the Policies page will not appear on the Policies tab for an app that already has policies applied to it.
  • Only some policies have configurable options. These are indicated by a Cog icon next to the policy name.
To set the policy presets for your organization
  1. On the Admin Portal navigation bar, click Policies.  

  2. Click the Cog icon by a policy name to expand the options and then configure the desired presets. Presets are set as soon as you select them; you do not need to apply your changes.

  3. Toggle the On/Off switch for policies that you want to appear as automatically selected in the Policies Enabled by Default section on the Policies tab on the app's Details page.