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Signing ensures that an app belongs to your organization and can be installed on user devices. Review these pages to learn more about signing and how it works with App Management.

Some parts of the signing process are managed outside of App Management, and these pages refer to official iOS and Android documentation where appropriate.

About Signing

This page explains what signing is, defines key terms, and provides typical use cases.

Signing Prerequisites

The requirements for signing apps are different for iOS and Android. These pages explain how to create and manage the appropriate credentials.

Sign an App (Admin Portal)

This page explains how to use the Admin Portal to sign native iOS and Android apps before distributing them to users.

Sign an App (Signing Package)

This page explains how to download a signing package to sign iOS and Android apps outside of the Admin Portal. 

Re-sign an App

This page explains the requirements necessary to re-sign an app.

Store Signing Credentials

This page describes how to store signing credentials for future use.

Signing FAQ

This page answers a number of common questions regarding the signing process.