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About Settings

The Settings page allows administrators to view and manage a number of options that control various aspects of your Apperian organization. The following table describes each tab available on the Settings page, with a link to further information.

API TokensCreate and manage tokens for access to the Apperian API.
Affiliated Organizations

Create, list, and manage organizations affiliated with your organization.


Manage options that affect apps, including:

  • Disable/Enable the Reviews feature by default when you add a new application. When the Reviews feature is enabled for an application, users will be able to Like/Dislike and review that application in the App Catalog.
  • Disable/Enable the direct install link, which allows users to install applications on their devices via a Direct Install URL.
  • Configure the folder in which Windows EXE files will be installed onto a user's Windows device.
AuthenticationSpecify the type of authentication that will be used when your users log in to the App Catalog.
Catalog BrandingCustomize certain UI elements in your App Catalogs.
CORS Domain WhitelistIf you are using Apperian's APIs to call Apperian web services from a web application (for example, a custom administration portal), go to this page to define a domain whitelist that includes the host domain of any web site that will send API requests to Apperian. This whitelist enables CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) in the header of the API response, which allows browsers to communicate with the Apperian web server across domain-boundaries.
Custom Metadata

Add/modify a Custom Metadata Template for your organization to define the custom metadata fields that you and other administrators can specify when adding or editing an application through the Admin Portal.

Email Templates

Edit the content of the invitation that invites new users to download the App Catalog

Password RequirementsSet organization-wide password and account lockout requirements for users and administrators.

Manage policy options, including:

  • Enable the option to apply policies to an app that may be distributed to users who are not registered with Apperian and do not need the App Catalog on their device.
  • Set the frequency at which an application's policies will be evaluated. The default is Always, which evaluates policies whenever the app is opened or brought to the foreground.
Support EmailModify the support email address associated with the account, and choose whether to send an email to this address when a new device is registered.
Third-Party IntegrationsManage options for third-party tools that integrate with Apperian.


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