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To provide a web app to your App Catalog users, you can choose to add a hybrid app to EASE. A hybrid app delivers a web app as part of a native iOS or Android application. Like any other native app, users will need to download and install the app on their devices before they can run it. This is different from web apps, which do not need to be installed and can be launched directly from the App Catalog to run in the mobile device's web browser. Also, because a hybrid app is delivered as a native app, you can leverage all the features of EASE that are available for native applications only. For example, you can apply policies to a hybrid app, sign it with the Signing Server, and use reports to track its download history.

With a hybrid app, the web app displays in an embedded web view that provides access to the application's functionality without all the features of a fully developed browser. For example, users will not see an address bar that reveals the URL of the web app. When you create a hybrid app, you can select different options to control the app's user interface. You can also specify whitelists and blacklists to control a user's access to URLs when running the app.

For instructions on adding a hybrid app to EASE, see Add an Application. For instructions on editing a hybrid app to change its metadata, web URL, or other attributes, see Edit or Update an Application.


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